Simplifying the complex.


Your life is busy and complex.  You worry.

You want to retire and are concerned about preserving and growing the assets you worked so hard to build.  You want to ensure your children or grandchildren are given the best opportunity to be successful.  You've been too busy to understand the best strategies to transfer your business tax efficiently, perhaps to family members.  You don't have a clear understanding of your company stock options and tax implications.  You have a special needs dependent and worry what will happen to them when you are gone.  The 24x7 media floods you with information.  You keep meaning to tackle these issues, but keep putting them off year after year.

You are like many of my clients when we first met. 

At Sagemark Consulting, we have an objective process, expertise and planning team that is nationally recognized by the Financial Planning Association.  The process includes:

1)  Defining objectives

2)  Auditing your current situation

3)  Educating you about potential solutions and strategies, pros and cons, costs and benefits

4)  Implementing the strategies we agree are best

5)  On-going monitoring and adjustments as needed



Contact me for a complimentary consultation.  You will sleep better tonight.